Adoption from Bulgaria - Family National Association

Requirements to the candidates

Bulgarian legislation does not set any significant restrictions to the candidate-adoptive parents. They must be above 18 years of age, to be at least 15 years older than the adoptive child and to meet all requirements of the applicable Danish laws. This is the rule stated in the Family Code but the Intercountry Adoption Council firmly abides by the following age criterion: "There should not be more that 50 years age difference between the adoptee and the younger spouse in a married couple and there should not be more that 55 years age difference between the adoptee and the older spouse in a married couple. When a child is adopted by a single adopter, the lower age difference (of 50 years) should be considered."


Single candidates can also apply for adoption.

According to Danish legislation, the candidate-adopters must be above 25 years of age and the age difference with the child has to be no more than 40 years at the time of filing the adoption application. The prospective adoptive parents shouldn't be older than 47 years at the time they submit their petition for adoption.  An exception from the rule is when one of the spouses is younger and the age difference between him/her and the child is less than 40 years. The minimal age difference between the adoptive parents and the adopted child is 14 years and the maximum is 42 years.Married couples must have been married and living together for at least 2.5 years.



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