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Requirements for Candidates

 Requirements towards candidate-adopters as per the Maltese legislation:

As per the Maltese legislation candidate-adopters who have reached the minimum age of 28 years can apply for adoption. There is no requirement regarding the candidate-adopters’ maximum age. Both married couples and single candidates can apply. Whenever the candidates are spouses, there is a compulsory requirement for them to live together and the age criteria are considered satisfied if at least one of the spouses meets them. There are also requirements for minimum and maximum age difference between adopters and adoptees – the age difference between them should be at least 21 years and should not exceed 45 years. Exceptions in relation with the age difference between adopters and adoptees are possible in cases where some significant reasons necessitate them, such as adoption of sibling groups where the age difference is present at least for one of the children and the adoption is considered to be in the best interest of the siblings. The age difference requirements are not compulsory in cases where a person of full legal age is adopting their own child.




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