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Requirements for Candidates

Requirement towards candidate-adopters as per the Irish legislation:

Both married couples and single candidate-adopters can adopt a child. Two people can adopt together only if married. A compulsory requirement is that spouses live together. The following exceptions from that rule are possible: whenever they live apart as per a decision for legal separation; a decision or order, issued in another country, which has the same legal effect and is acknowledged in Ireland; one of the spouses has left the other candidate or one of the spouses has performed certain actions that have led to their separation and their living apart. Each of the candidate-adopters should have habitual place of residence in Ireland and should also have lived in the country in the last year prior to their application for adoption. As for candidate-adopters’ age, the only requirement introduced by the Irish legislation is for their minimum age – each of the candidate-adopters (including in a married couple) should have reached the age of 21 years. There is no requirement for maximum age or mandatory age difference with the adopted child. 

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