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Requirements for Candidates

 Requirements towards the candidate-adopters, as per the Austrian legislation:

As per the Austrian legislation, both married couples and single candidate-adopters can apply for adoption. The minimal age required for candidate-adopters is 25 years. There is no requirement regarding their maximum age. The legislation requires a minimal age difference of 16 years between the candidate-adopters and the adopted child. Whereas there is no legally stipulated maximum age difference, in practice a requirement has been observed for the maximum age difference not to exceed 45 years. In cases where the adopters already have a child at home, some regions require that the adopted child is the youngest child in the family and for an age difference of at least 1 year between the children to be present, as well as to take into consideration the attitude of the children in the family towards the adoption project. The prospective-adopters should have suitable living conditions, sufficient financial resources, good health and psychological condition, certain life experience and an appropriate social environment.


Национална Асоциация "Семейство"