Adoption from Bulgaria - Family National Association

Requirements for Candidates

 Requirements towards candidate-adopters as per the New Zealand legislation: .

Both married couples and single candidates can apply for adoption. Married couples should meet the requirement about the length of marriage in case there is such a requirement in the child’s country of origin. Single candidates and same-sex married couples can apply for adoption in countries where their application would be accepted. The candidates should have reached the minimum age of 25 years and they should be at least 20 years older than the adopted child. If the candidates apply for the adoption of a special needs child, they should provide evidence for their ability to meet the child’s needs. Whenever the candidates already have a child/children in their family (regardless of whether the children are biological or have been adopted), they should meet some additional requirements: if the age of the child in the family allows that, the child should have an independent consultation so as to check his/her attitude towards expanding the family through intercountry adoption. 

Национална Асоциация "Семейство"