Adoption from Bulgaria - Family National Association

Required documents

 The candidate-adopters with habitual place of residence in Belgium need to obtain the following documents in view of their inscription in the register of prospective adopters with habitual place of residence abroad:

1. Permission for adoption – referred to as “judgment of suitability” and issued by the competent family court correspondent to the place of residence of the candidate-adopters;


2. Document, certifying that the candidate-adoptive parents have not been deprived of their parental rights, issued by the Federal Public Justice Service in the form of an extract type 2 from  the Criminal Records;


3. Home study report - prepared by a social worker at the Community Central Authority in the French community or by a social worker at the accredited intermediary organization in the Flemish community;


4. Updated Home study report or a document certifying the lack of any changes in the circumstances described in the report – the authority competent to issue this document is the same authority that prepares the initial Home study report;


5. A document regarding the adopters’ health condition – issued by a Doctor of Medicine;


6. Documents regarding the adopters’ criminal record - issued by the Federal Public Justice Service in the form of certificates.


7. Marriage certificate (for married candidate-adopters) – issued in the form of an extract from the Population register;


8. Authorization of representation from the candidate-adoptive parents to the Bulgarian accredited organization which represents them;


9. Declaration of Information from the candidate-adopters under Art.20, clause 10 of Ordinance No.2/24.10.2014;


10. Declaration from the candidate-adopters regarding the characteristics of the child they would like to adopt and their motivation for adoption; 

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