Adoption from Bulgaria - Family National Association

Required documents

Documents, necessary for the registration of the candidate-adoptive parents:


  1. “Letter of Approval” issued by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (I-797, Notice of Action-Approval Notice);
  2. “Certificate” (stating that the candidate-adoptive parents have not been prohibited to exercise their parental rights) issued by the American agency; 
  3. “Home Study” prepared by licensed adoption agency accredited under the Hague Convention or authorized state body;
  4. In case the home study report is issued more than one year prior to submission, an updated HS report or a document, confirming that there are no significant changes in the circumstances, described in the HS report is required.
  5. “Medical certificates” for both candidates; In the medical certificate, the doctor's signature and seal have to be notary certified (so the notary's seal, signature,etc. should practically follow the doctor's signature on the medical certificate). 
  6. “FBI Fingerprint Clearance” for both candidates issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Criminal Justice Information Services Division;
  7. “Certificate of marriage” (for married couples);
  8. “Authorization of Representation” by the candidate-adoptive parents to Family National Association;
  9. “Declaration of Information” according to Art. 20, Clause 10 of Ordinance No.2/2014;
  10. Declaration about the characteristics of the desired  child(ren) and the adoptive parents' motivation;


All documents must be sent in original and with an Apostille.

Национална Асоциация "Семейство"