Adoption from Bulgaria - Family National Association

Required documents

 Specific requirements regarding the documents for inscription in the register that are prepared for candidate-adopters with habitual place of residence in Malta:


1. Permission for adoption – issued by the Director of the Central Authority of Malta in the form of a certificate of eligibility and suitability to adopt for the respective candidate-adopters;


2. Document certifying that the prospective adopters have not been deprived of their parental rights – issued by the Central Authority of Malta in the form of a certificate.


3. Home study report – issued by a competent social worker at an accredited organization;


4. Updated Home study report or a document certifying the lack of any changes in the circumstances described in the report – the authority competent to issue it is again a social worker from an accredited agency;


5. Documents about the adopters’ health condition – issued by a Doctor of Medicine;


6. Documents regarding the adopters’ criminal record – issued by the Police Criminal Records Office at the Police General Headquarters in Floriana in the form of conduct certificates.


7. Marriage certificate (for married prospective adopters) – issued in the form of an extract from the Public registry;


8. Authorization of representation from the candidate-adopters to the Bulgarian accredited agency that represents them;


9. Declaration of information from the candidate-adopters under Art.20, clause 10 of Ordinance No.2/24.10.2014;


10. Declaration from the candidate-adopters regarding the characteristics of the child they would like to adopt and their motivation for adoption;


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