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The Republic of Bulgaria is situated in the South-east of Europe and borders five other states: Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. To the east, the country is bounded by the Black sea coastline. Bulgaria is divided in 28 provinces, which subdivide into 264 municipalities. The capital city is Sofia. Other big cities are Plovdiv and Varna. The population is approx. 8 000 000 people. The official language is Bulgarian and the alphabet is Cyrillic. 85% of the population is Christian Orthodox, which is the dominant religion. The climate is continental to Mediterranean in the South. The time zone in Bulgaria is GMT+2 or EET+1.


The Bulgarian official currency is the Lev and is pegged to the Euro. 1 EUR = 1.955 BGN. Money can be exchanged in banks or in any exchange office.


Airplanes from all over the world land at Sofia and Varna International airports. Buses and trains can be used for travel within the country. However, please note that the railway infrastructure does not rise up to European standards; therefore many passengers prefer bus or rent-a-car services. In towns, one can take a taxi by calling or on the street. Most places will have some public transport: commonly, buses and mini-buses. In Sofia, there are also trams and the underground.


Orphanages in Bulgaria are spread all over the country. Please see the map below.


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